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A Single Tear

A single tear flows

Down the curve of her wet cheek

Sadness ensues


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Words vanish,

Imagination has gone,

My muse is silent.

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An owl’s screech

In the middle of the night

Wakes me from my dreams

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Cascading Water

Cascading water

Falls over her nude body

Pooling at her feet

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A pink infusion
Spreads across the horizon,
A new day begins.

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I sit quietly,
Watching the world pass me by
Unfazed by it all.

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New Day

Pale fingers of light

Reach across the morning sky

Start of a new day

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As the sun descends

Radiant ribbons of light

Streak across the sky

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The Rose

Peach petaled beauty

Awashed with sparkling raindrops

Burgeoning with life


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Celestial bodies

Wrapped in a black velvet cloak,

Adorned with diamonds

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