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A Cheshire Cat

I lay on the bed and what do I see,
A Cheshire cat smiling down at me.
A grin full of mischief,
An eye full of cunning.
Does he really think I find him stunning?
A blink of my eye, a shake of the head
I turn myself over, feeling nothing but dread.
I pray and I hope, for I’ve been here before.
I wish he was gone since he makes my eyes sore.
Yet, there he sits, perched high on the shelf,
Appearing to be extremely fond of himself.
“What do you want now?” I plead as I cry.
“Why nothing my dear.” Is all he replies.
“I’m not in the mood.  I don’t wish to play.”
“Just leave me alone.  I’m having a bad day.”
“That’s really too bad, I mean you no harm.”
“You’re such a lovely girl; so full of charm.”
I turn my back and begin to pray
That he just disappears or fades away.
How long he remained, I do not know
For when I awoke, there was nothing but shadow.
I glanced at the perch and all that remained
Was the swish of a tail and a grin that waned.

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