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Golden Light

Shafts of golden light

Pierce the low-lying grey clouds

Summer’s last battle.

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Autumnal Gales

Autumnal gales

Rush across golden fields

Cool air in it’s wake

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Cotton Candy Tufts

Cotton candy tufts

Of cloud hang lazily in

Majestic blue skies.

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The Waiting Game

She sits forlornly

Waiting; always waiting, but

No one ever comes.

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A cacophony

Of seagulls erupt outside

In the dead of night

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Rivers of honey

Flow thick with sticky sweetness

Pleasing on the lips

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Rose-colored glasses

Never sees the world’s decay

The dreamer lives on

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Vultures circling

Waiting to dive and attack

Picking the bones clean

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I sit indifferent

Awash with uncertainty

Not sure of the way

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The heavens do weep

For what man has done to Earth

We are all witness

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