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Heart all aflutter

As you pass me on the street

I long to meet you.

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The Caress

You whisper my name,

Yearning to caress my face.

I melt at your touch.

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Under a Cherry Tree

Under a cherry tree,
A gentle breeze blows.
Two lovers embrace
Among delicate blossoms,
Inhaling their sweet scent.

Soft caresses linger,
Pulsating on the air.
Two lovers kiss
Secluded in shadow,
Alluding to something more.

Promises whispered
In the still of the night
Two lovers recline
Against the trunk,
Hidden from watchful eyes.

Illusions shattered.
Reality takes hold.
Two lovers depart
From their “protected” shelter,
Longing to meet again.

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A bit of whimsy

Leads to a  lot of great fun.

Laugh to the fullest!

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The Tea Party

Alice! Oh Alice!

It’s so nice of you to come.

Would you like some tea?

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I don’t know about you, but I have voices in my head.  Constantly.  Never-ending.  They shout and scream at me for attention.  Pleading with me to put their story down before any of the others.  I know they are there.  And to be honest, they know I know.  Even better, when I close my eyes, I can see their faces, so I have an idea of what they look like.  Each one pushing and shoving another to make sure I see them.  Now that can be scary especially if I don’t expect it.  Yet the incessant nagging never ceases to let up, except when I pick up the pen.  How very kind of them!  I think they just aren’t playing fair.  Do you experience the same thing?

In some ways, I experience the same thing with random thoughts.  Something cool or interesting enters, but as soon as I venture to jot  the gem down, it seems to disappear.  POOF!   Some writer I’m turning out to be.  HAHA!  I realize I’m being hard on myself.  And yes, I know Rome wasn’t built in a day.  Come to think of it, neither was Paris, London, New York or Chicago.  But I digress.  Sure, I’ve tried all the tricks of the trade; a notepad and pen in the car, a digital recorder in the bag, a pen and notebook sitting next to the bed.  I like the last one…its only there should I suddenly wake up in the middle of the night (Like that’s gonna happen!).  Not once have I been able to rouse myself from blissful slumber to turn on a light, grab the notebook and write.  Yet, it could happen.  Maybe in the next lifetime!  Anyway, I guess that is the nature of writer’s block, so I should just live with it.  However, maybe…just maybe, by writing about it, I’ve turned the faucet back on.  That would be extremely awesome, don’t you think?

Now, back to the voices in my head…I think I have an idea…maybe they should take a number like at the deli counter and wait for me to wait on them.  Better yet, I should buy an appointment book and make each character schedule an appointment…  Think I’d be able to charge $250.00 per hour to listen to them?

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Frustration. Anger.

You have pushed me to the brink!

Yet, I still love you.

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Nocturnal Longing

In the deep, dark night

Two lovers are intertwined

I long for your touch

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Every voyage…

Every voyage begins with a ship and the passion for adventure.

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A Cheshire Cat

I lay on the bed and what do I see,
A Cheshire cat smiling down at me.
A grin full of mischief,
An eye full of cunning.
Does he really think I find him stunning?
A blink of my eye, a shake of the head
I turn myself over, feeling nothing but dread.
I pray and I hope, for I’ve been here before.
I wish he was gone since he makes my eyes sore.
Yet, there he sits, perched high on the shelf,
Appearing to be extremely fond of himself.
“What do you want now?” I plead as I cry.
“Why nothing my dear.” Is all he replies.
“I’m not in the mood.  I don’t wish to play.”
“Just leave me alone.  I’m having a bad day.”
“That’s really too bad, I mean you no harm.”
“You’re such a lovely girl; so full of charm.”
I turn my back and begin to pray
That he just disappears or fades away.
How long he remained, I do not know
For when I awoke, there was nothing but shadow.
I glanced at the perch and all that remained
Was the swish of a tail and a grin that waned.

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