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Take my spirit home to a land beyond the sea,

Where sweet meadows lie,

Where dark forests stand tall,

Where mist and fog settle across the land,

Where dappled sunlight plays among the trees,

Where brooks and streams run through the countryside,

Where rock and stone shelter their quiet energy,

Take my spirit home to this land of legend and myth,

So my spirit may rejoice and swell,

For there is where it truly belongs and exists.

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A Single Tear

A single tear falls,
Then two…then three,
Until a river forms
Down the contours of her face.
Overwhelming sadness
Overtakes her,
Physically and mentally,
Wishes the hurt will stop.
She is lost…
Unsure of where to turn
For help…for guidance,
For some understanding.
She feels so alone;
Isolated even when others are near.
Does anyone bear witness
To her pain…her sorrow,
She prays they don’t see
Yet secretly wishes
Someone will notice
And provide comfort,
Provide succour…
Provide kindness.
Until then,
She puts on a brave face
And carries on.

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Battle in the Sky

Ominous and grey
Majestic and white
Engaged in a primal war dance.
Which one shall prove victorious?
Remnants of their fight
Rain down upon humankind
As snow and hail:
Cold and wet,
A trail of destruction in their wake.
Their onslaught continues across the sky
Playfully circling around the other
Each attempting to emerge supreme.

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Under a Cherry Tree

Under a cherry tree,
A gentle breeze blows.
Two lovers embrace
Among delicate blossoms,
Inhaling their sweet scent.

Soft caresses linger,
Pulsating on the air.
Two lovers kiss
Secluded in shadow,
Alluding to something more.

Promises whispered
In the still of the night
Two lovers recline
Against the trunk,
Hidden from watchful eyes.

Illusions shattered.
Reality takes hold.
Two lovers depart
From their “protected” shelter,
Longing to meet again.

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Down the Lonely Path

Down the lonely path I roam,
To what place, I do not know.
Thick with tree,
So lush and green
To where it leads are sights unseen.

I follow this path
Which twists and turns
Through gorse and heather,
Over creeks and burns,
Continuing on, not minding the weather.

Meandering on along the trail
Past a waterfall and around the bend,
I find myself nearing the end.
Moving on, the track descends
Emerging at a loch’s edge.

Water laps gently onto the shore;
A beautiful day to be out-of-doors.
Abandoned boats rest nearby.
Tranquil and still, the loch there lies
Reflecting  images of the sky.

How glad I am I chose to roam
In a place I did not know.
What a sight that I have seen,
A loch so lovely and pristine
Here among a land so green.

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