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Torrents of rain fall

From heavy, grey clouds above,

Soaking the dry earth

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Soft spring rain washes

Earth’s dull, grey winter mantle

Making it brand new.

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Down the Lonely Path

Down the lonely path I roam,
To what place, I do not know.
Thick with tree,
So lush and green
To where it leads are sights unseen.

I follow this path
Which twists and turns
Through gorse and heather,
Over creeks and burns,
Continuing on, not minding the weather.

Meandering on along the trail
Past a waterfall and around the bend,
I find myself nearing the end.
Moving on, the track descends
Emerging at a loch’s edge.

Water laps gently onto the shore;
A beautiful day to be out-of-doors.
Abandoned boats rest nearby.
Tranquil and still, the loch there lies
Reflecting  images of the sky.

How glad I am I chose to roam
In a place I did not know.
What a sight that I have seen,
A loch so lovely and pristine
Here among a land so green.

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The seed of creation is within one’s imagination. Fertilize it and let it grow into something beautiful.

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Poppies everywhere

As far as the eye can see

Bleeds a sea of red

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The Crow

A crow caws outside

Beneath a threatening sky

Time seems to stand still

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