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Take my spirit home to a land beyond the sea,

Where sweet meadows lie,

Where dark forests stand tall,

Where mist and fog settle across the land,

Where dappled sunlight plays among the trees,

Where brooks and streams run through the countryside,

Where rock and stone shelter their quiet energy,

Take my spirit home to this land of legend and myth,

So my spirit may rejoice and swell,

For there is where it truly belongs and exists.

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Torrents of rain fall

From heavy, grey clouds above,

Soaking the dry earth

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My mind won’t slow down

Although it is time to rest

The radio drones on

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Concentration breaks

I try to tune out the sound

He sleeps blissfully

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Poppies everywhere

As far as the eye can see

Bleeds a sea of red

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Laundry of My Mind

My mind is awash

Ideas tumbling around

Each seeking a muse

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The Crow

A crow caws outside

Beneath a threatening sky

Time seems to stand still

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