Come Away

Come away with me

To a world of our making

And shut out all else.


A pink infusion
Spreads across the horizon,
A new day begins.


I sit quietly,
Watching the world pass me by
Unfazed by it all.

New Day

Pale fingers of light

Reach across the morning sky

Start of a new day

As the sun descends

Radiant ribbons of light

Streak across the sky

The Rose

Peach petaled beauty

Awashed with sparkling raindrops

Burgeoning with life


Take My Spirit Home

Take my spirit home to a land beyond the sea,

Where sweet meadows lie,

Where dark forests stand tall,

Where mist and fog settle across the land,

Where dappled sunlight plays among the trees,

Where brooks and streams run through the countryside,

Where rock and stone shelter their quiet energy,

Take my spirit home to this land of legend and myth,

So my spirit may rejoice and swell,

For there is where it truly belongs and exists.

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