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Please, just one more look.

Constantly checking the stats

I am so obsessed!

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Time slowly ticks by

Wishing for something to do

Boredom settles in

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Get to Know Me

Get to know me from the inside before you accept me for how I look on the outside.  The outside package is only artifice and can change in an instant.  The inside reveals the true me.

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The Journey

Travelling by car

Passed countless barren fields

When will we get there?

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Build me up with hope

Only to watch me fall down

Did you enjoy it?

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Religious Scandal

The Church refuses

To accept the sins of priests

Irish faith wavers

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A Single Tear

A single tear falls,
Then two…then three,
Until a river forms
Down the contours of her face.
Overwhelming sadness
Overtakes her,
Physically and mentally,
Wishes the hurt will stop.
She is lost…
Unsure of where to turn
For help…for guidance,
For some understanding.
She feels so alone;
Isolated even when others are near.
Does anyone bear witness
To her pain…her sorrow,
She prays they don’t see
Yet secretly wishes
Someone will notice
And provide comfort,
Provide succour…
Provide kindness.
Until then,
She puts on a brave face
And carries on.

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Rainy Day

Rainy, grey and cold

Perfect day to stay inside

Under the blankets.

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No card…No flowers…No box of chocolates!  Nothing!  Absolutely nothing!  Not even a “Happy Valentine’s Day” sentiment.  Nothing to mark this epitome of  Hallmark holidays.  Yet, something would have been nice and greatly appreciated.  After all, I selected the perfect card for him AND purchased a collection of his favorite music. 

Mind you, I’m a fairly practical person.  I really am!  I know I have a great man who loves me.  Also, I truly don’t care about all the fripperies of a commercialized holiday.  However, deep down, I’m still a romantic…a silly, hopeless romantic.  I’m still a girl who hopes for the perfect Christmas, Valentine’s and birthday.  It’s the dreamer in me.  So imagine how gutted I feel when there is nothing.  No outward, public sign that I am loved or cherished.  The tears come pouring out, usually in secret.  Out of his sight.  I frantically dash them from my eyes when I hear him entering a room.  God forbid I let him know how devastated I feel.  I wouldn’t want him to think I’m a drama queen or something (like he hasn’t thought that already!).  Instead I become judgemental and moody.  Like that doesn’t give me away, right?  I will snap and “bite” to constantly prove I’ve been wronged and unappreciated.  And I don’t care who knows.  I have no qualms about telling the world; or at least anyone who comes in contact with me.  It’s childish really and so inappropriate. 

Why then can’t I settle for what really matters?  I have a wonderful man who loves me for me.  Everyday of every year.  I know he isn’t one for public or outward displays to prove his love.  I should be content and secure in that knowledge alone.  Guess that is something I still need to work on.

Oh, yeah!  By the way, although I wasn’t presented with a card or flowers or a box of chocolate, I received the best non-Valentine imaginable…I was given a heart to heart cuddle…which lead to something even better.  Not bad for a hopeless romantic after all.

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Chatoyant gems gleam

As light dances upon them

Hypnotizing all

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